Why Farmers?

• Born in the south, my passion for hospitality and hard work followed me to California where I met Mark in 1984. Since I began working in our agency 22 years ago, I’ve seen what it takes for a family to work hard and build their assets. I am proud to join them in this effort through serving with Farmers Insurance.


• Farmers Insurance makes it a priority to include coverage you may not think of. While some insurance companies cover the bare minimum at ridiculous rates, Farmers would rather cover it all. Going a step further, we provide the most competitive discounts for having all your items covered. Farmers provides the best bang for your buck.


• As part of my role with Farmers Insurance, it’s been my privilege to not only help clients sort out their current coverage, but also prepare for the future. Like many of my clients, I am a parent and homeowner. My position allows me to walk with clients as they add on or remove aspects of their policy because I relate to them.


• Farmers Insurance is nearly a hundred years old, which means we get to work with some of the most financially strong and recognizable brands like Farmers New World Life, Farmers Financial Solutions, Foremost Insurance Group, and Bristol West. We’ve been fortunate to see a century’s worth of ups and downs for American Insurance.


• No other insurance company takes care of their customers like Farmers. When a tornado devastated the community of Joplin, we were the first mobile claims unit on site. We lead the way time and again in delivering immediate, hands on claims operations with specially trained catastrophic adjusters.


• Typically, it’s unwise to put all your eggs in one basket, but with Farmers, that’s the ideal! While it’s not uncommon for some insurance companies to make bundling confusing, Farmers gives me the resources to answer any questions you or I may have. Farmers serves me so that I can better serve you; they listen to me, so I can actually have a say in your situation.

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