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You want only the best for your pet: the healthiest food, the most colorful collar, the comfiest bed. After all, they’re apart of the family. So when your furry friend gets sick or has an emergency, it’s important to get them the treatment they need.

This care usually comes at a huge cost—unforeseen vet visits are one of the most stressful things about being a pet owner. But with Pets Best Pet Insurance, you can cover your four-legged friend while avoiding all those huge, unexpected bills.

Paying only a low monthly premium, you can cover any pet from your brand new puppy Fido to skinny old Whiskers, who only has a few lives left.

With Pets Best Pet Insurance, you are covered for all these kinds of veterinary care:

  1. Unexpected Accidents & Illnesses, including:

    1. Injuries
    2. Illnesses such as allergies and diabetes
    3. Surgeries
    4. Hereditary and congenital conditions
    5. Prescription medications
    6. Cancer treatments
    7. Acupuncture and Chiropractic care
    8. Physical rehabilitation
  2. Routine and preventative care, including:

    1. Annual wellness exams
    2. Routine shots
    3. Flea/tick/heartworm medications
    4. Spaying and neutering
    5. Routine diagnostic tests
    6. Routine dental cleanings
    7. Micro-chips
  3. Specialized Coverage Plans (can be added for an additional premium):

    1. Broken legs
    2. Snake bites
    3. Accidental swallowing

And if you buy Pets Best through Farmers, you will get a 5% discount on your coverage.

This all sounds great, but the most important feature of Pets Best is that you can choose your own licensed veterinarian or specialist. So don’t worry about your grizzled old lab being poked and prodded by an overworked vet who has no history with your family—you can keep your own family vet and make sure your pet is treated by someone who knows them well.

You also have the option of seeing a specialist if you need a special surgery or cancer treatment that you can’t get anywhere else.

On top of all of this, you can manage your account and file claims online. Most claims are processed within five days and reimbursements can be sent straight to your bank account for free.

No more showing up at the vet on a Friday afternoon and wondering what card you should pay with this time. Get Pets Best insurance and get the care that can save you peace of mind, and even your pet’s life.