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Life Insurance

You buy insurance for one reason: to pay for the things you can’t pay for. And in the event of a death, there’s no making up for the things you couldn’t pay for.

38% of Americans don’t have life insurance. But in the event of a tragedy, 100% of those families will wish that they did. Would your family be able to meet their needs if you were suddenly gone?

The life insurance industry has been skewed by sometimes dishonest companies and deceptive salesmen who capitalize on fear. We don’t believe in scaring people at Adkins Insurance, but we do believe in being prepared.

Can you afford it?

If you’ve been priced out of buying insurance because of health or financial reasons, there’s a good chance there are other options out there for you. Every insurance company has a different profile for pricing the risks they take, and sometimes the key to an affordable rate is simply shopping.

Adkins Insurance can help price your needs so that you know you’re getting a fair rate.

Term or Permanent Life Insurance?

When shopping for life insurance, you’ll have two basic options: term life insurance and permanent life insurance. Either choice could be right for you, but understanding the differences in benefits is key.

Term Life Insurance

“Term” insurance is like “renting” insurance. Term insurance is a policy designed to only give a set death benefit and only for a certain period of time. Less than 1% of all term policies ever pay a benefit. Insurance companies understand the tables of mortality and realize very few young people will suffer a premature death. Don’t get me wrong: We all know it happens, but the reality is that term insurance limits time and insurability. Most people really need life insurance later in life. If you have relied on term insurance for your younger years, you could find yourself faced with the dilemma of not being able to afford any amount of life insurance or even being uninsurable. Term insurance is great for short term needs or securing a contractual obligation, but for most families and their long-term needs, term insurance falls short of being adequate.

Permanent Life Insurance

Permanent life insurance is a long-term, self-completing concept. Permanent life insurance uses the power of time, tax-deferred savings, and cash accumulation to manage long-term planning. Whether you choose whole life or universal life, permanent life insurance is designed to self-complete regardless of whether you live to old age or die prematurely. You will always have the death benefit, but the policy also has a living benefit in the form of “cash value” or cash equity to either supplement your income in retirement or to help pay the cost of needed insurance in the later years when term insurance is cost prohibitive. Permanent insurance can actually be the least costly insurance in the long term.