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State of Health Care

Health insurance has never been more confusing. Not just “figuring the tip without your phone” confusing, but “trying to do calculus when your last math class was 15 years ago” confusing. Sifting through insurance plans and trying to decipher terms like “coinsurance,” “premiums,” and “deductibles” can be enough to give you a headache. By the time you throw all the new policies and regulations from the Affordable Care Act into the mix, that headache has turned into a migraine.

Our team have dedicated their time to understanding it so you don’t have to use so much of  yours. He’s one of the few agents in the Ozarks who has read all 2,700 pages of the Affordable Care Act, so he knows the ins and outs of health insurance and can help you find the best plan for your situation. Fill out the form on this page to get a quote, or contact us to schedule an appointment or ask a question. Read on to find out more about the Affordable Care Act and the importance of health insurance.

How will the Affordable Care Act affect me?

The Affordable Care Act may affect you more than you think, even if you already have health insurance. Your plan may change or get more expensive because of new regulations. You might be able to get a better plan than the one you have now. You might even be able to get tax credits to help you pay for your insurance. The Adkins Insurance Agency team has the know-how to help you through the maze of changes as you adjust to this new “normal.”

Why do I need health insurance?

The Affordable Care Act has made it mandatory for most people to have health insurance or pay a penalty, but health insurance has always been a great idea. If an injury or illness took you out of commission, even for a few days, it could cost you  thousands of dollars in medical bills. Unexpected medical bills are one of the leading causes of bankruptcy. If something happened to you, would your family be able to dig itself out of a landslide of unexpected medical bills or would all your hard work and financial security be in jeopardy? Health insurance protects you from more than government fines—it protects your loved ones and your livelihood from the unexpected.

How do I sign up for health insurance?

There are three ways to sign up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act:

  1. Through the state marketplace
  2. Directly through the insurance company
  3. Through an insurance broker

Each method has its benefits, but many people simply find it easier to work with a knowledgeable agent than to try to figure out the marketplace by themselves. We can offer you options and expertise in selecting the one that’s right for you, taking a load off your mind and a task off your plate.

We can walk you through the process, explain the new regulations and the tax credits you can get when buying insurance, and be an extra set of eyes to help you make sure you’re making the right decision every step of the way.

When can I sign up for health insurance?

The Affordable Care Act requires that you sign up for insurance during the open enrollment period, but major life changes may require major insurance changes! If you’re switching jobs, moving, or making changes to your family (like getting married or divorced, having a baby, or adopting a child), you’ve got 30 or 60 days to make those changes before your special enrollment window snaps shut again. Don’t lose this opportunity because you aren’t sure what to do. Let us help you figure it out, and we’ll make sure your insurance keeps up with your life.