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Car Insurance

Car insurance is like underwear—you might be able to get around without it and nobody will find out, but the moment you’re caught without it, it can be a pricey deal.

Luckily, finding good car insurance is almost as easy as putting on underwear. The question is, how do you know your car insurance is right for you?

If you settle for the minimum limits that the state sets, you are paying the most for the least amount of coverage, period. In other words, this is the least efficient insurance.  Not only is minimum car insurance expensive for how much coverage it’s worth, the coverage you do get is more likely to leave you hanging if you cause a serious injury and/or injuries.

What are the minimum limits?

In the state of Missouri, you are only legally required to carry car insurance in the amount of $25,000 per person/$50,000 per accident for bodily injury/$25,000 for property damage liability. It’s easier than ever, in the age of the internet, to sign up with a company for their basic car insurance, then forget all about it. But when you get into an accident, you may find yourself in a serious financial pinch.

The reality is that very few people ever get ahead by constantly shopping online for the lowest price on car insurance. There’s no incentive for the company to give you better deals if they know you probably won’t stick around and renew your policy with them.

On the flip side, an insurance agent is much more likely to treat you fairly if you establish a personal relationship with them. After all, a good agent has vested interest in you—the more your agent knows you as a person, the more they’re able to assist in time of need and to advise on important changes and how they relate to you personally. A good agent should always have your best interest in mind as it relates to your financial well-being and budget, to hopefully help you avoid that Financial Pinch.

Our Recommendations

  1. It’s becoming more and more standard for insurance companies to lower their exposures, thus transferring the risk for the most part back to you, while all along they advertise themselves to be the heroes at the end of the day. Insurance and the issues that involve you and your family are far too complex to deal with online or by a 1-800 number. You need a good agent to help you muddle through the ever changing insurance environment and how that applies to you or your family’s financial picture.
  1. “Basic car insurance” is code for “we want to pay as little as possible.” Our job is to save you money at the time you need it the most, after a serious accident. Settling for a big-name, .com or a 1-800 number minimum policy is a recipe for disappointment and financial stress.

We buy insurance for one reason and one reason only! To pay for the things we can’t pay for. Or to pay for those things that would cause financial hardship. We believe that you can only get good insurance through a good personal relationship with an agent, not a nameless transaction. Call Adkins Insurance Agency now at (417) 883-4343, and we will help you find the best car insurance from an agent who will always be there for you.