What You Need To Get An Accurate Home Insurance Quote

Your home is unique. The view from your porch is as beautiful as from the kitchen into a living
room full of loved ones. From the inside out, your home is special and you want to protect it.
Home insurance is an opportunity to protect your property, but with so many options, it can be
difficult to know where to start. Here are several necessities to get the most accurate home
insurance quote possible.

  1. Home information

    The age of your home directly impacts your insurance quote. New homes are cheaper as they
    are less likely to have damaged systems. Be aware of how your home’s exterior affects rates,
    including siding and roof styles. Speaking of roofs, then age of your roof and type plays a huge
    role in coverage and pricing. Every piece of information, from heating to security systems, has
    opportunity to change your quote.

  2. Location

    Your responding Fire department plays a role in your rate, Fire departments with full time fire
    fighters and good public protection class ratings gets better rating than rural homes where the
    fire departments including fire fighters are part time and in many cases have to haul water to the
    fire. Geographical location also provides insight into likelihood of being impacted by natural
    disasters, such as tornadoes or Hurricanes.

  3. Personal Information

    Just like Auto Insurance your personal Credit or Insurance score is a big part of what you pay
    for insurance. Be prepared to provide this information in order to get accurate pricing. Avoiding
    this part or giving inaccurate information can lead to a estimated quote and you take the risk of
    being frustrated by a change in your rate after purchase when the final rate is determined. Key
    here is make sure you have received a verified rate.

  4. Replacement cost

    One of the most crucial factors in determining an accurate home insurance quote is cost to
    replace or rebuild your home. Whether you want to cover the current worth of your belongings
    or be reimbursed with brand new items, it is important to consider replacement cost as you look
    for your home insurance quote.

  5. Insurance history

    Insurance companies have access to whats called CLUE, “Comprehensive Loss Underwriting
    Evaluation”. This is a report that not only see claims the insured has had in the past but also any
    claims that have been turned in against the property in the past. Certain types of claims such as
    water claims are of concern and may have to be proven that proper repairs have been made. In
    general, past claims and what type of claims you have had plays a major role in determining the
    cost of your personal insurance.

The best way to ensure you receive the most accurate home insurance quote is to speak with
an agent directly. Our agents at Adkins Insurance are happy to answer any questions and would
love to meet you. Call and make an appointment at (417) 883-4343 and let us help you find the
right home insurance quote for you.

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