What You Need To Get An Accurate Auto Insurance Quote

Auto insurance can seem like a pain at times, but when you need to make a claim and you have good coverage, you’ll never be happier to have it. Regardless of how you feel, auto insurance is a necessity, so be prepared and bring these facts with you on your journey to find an accurate auto insurance quote.

  • Who Are You

    Insurance companies need accurate information in order to accurately price your coverage. Be prepared to give information about your complete name, Date of Birth, Drivers License number and yes in many cases they will ask for your Social Security number. Surprisingly, these small things can have a massive impact on the accuracy of the quote you receive! Your personal information including your credit has a large impact of what you pay for insurance. Whether right, wrong or indifferent not giving complete information to the company you are getting a quote from can lead to a very frustrating experience when the company actually sends you a policy with final pricing. Giving accurate information on where you live, where the vehicle is garaged and how you use the vehicle is also vitally important.
  • What Do You Drive

    What you drive and licensed household drivers also plays a huge role. Be prepared to give common information such as year, make, and model of your vehicle. Take note of your car’s VIN (vehicle identification number), gives the insurance company all the necessary information about your vehicle in order to properly price not only your liability rates but your comprehensive and collision rates. Household drivers and their driving records also play a huge role in your cost of insurance. Not disclosing all drivers could also lead to a false quote and frustration when your policy is received and final pricing is determined.
  • How Safe Are You
  • Always be prepared for the fact the insurance company is going to look into your driving record and whats called a CLUE report. Clue stands for Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Evaluation, and what it does is disclose all claims reported to any company by you. Typically they look back 3-5 years. The more accident and ticket prone you are, the more you should expect your insurance cost to be. Electronic chips are becoming more common everyday so that an insurance company can actually monitor how you drive, where you drive and when, how often you drive Etc. Again right, wrong or indifferent this practice is becoming more common all the time and in the future may be a requirement.

There are many factors that go into securing an accurate auto insurance quote. Do your best to speak with your agency directly and build a relationship with them. Give Adkins Insurance a call at (417) 883-4343 or go online and we’ll be happy to help you find an accurate auto insurance quote that meets your needs and budget.

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