Loss of Business Income Insurance

Nobody expects for their small business to be destroyed by a tornado or fire. These aren’t things you can plan for, only things you can protect against. When your business is affected by a disaster, how will you pay your employees? If your business’s income has ceased, your only option for keeping your company alive is the right insurance plan.

Adkins insurance can offer Loss of Business Income, Payroll, and Extra Expenses Insurance.

Loss Of Business Income makes certain that your company can continue to operate on its regular income, in case that income is greatly diminished by a disaster. It also covers payroll, giving you peace of mind that you won’t lose your workforce in the event of a disaster. Your employees will continue to be paid as your business is rebuilt, so your team won’t dissolve in the meantime.

Extra Expense is for expenses that could arise from a temporary location. This covers storage or any expense that would allow a business to partially operate. This allows a business to keep current customers and/or stock.

Protecting against disaster could be one of the most important decisions you make as a business owner. Adkins Insurance can find a policy that works for you. Visit the Contact page on our website or call us at (417) 883-4343 to take the next step!

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