Your life is your most valuable commodity.

Unfortunately, life can also be fleeting. A well-thought-out life insurance policy can make sure the financial needs of your family are cared for if something should happen to you. The price you pay varies depending on the sort of lifestyle you live. Consider a few of these factors.

  1. AGE

    Like our cars and homes, our bodies deteriorate with age. Parts start to go bad. We become more susceptible to life-threatening illnesses. Simply put, our risk of death grows steadily the older we get, and so may the price of a life insurance policy along with it. It’s an unfortunate factor that can’t be controlled, unlike our second factor.


    Health conditions can put a serious strain on our life expectancy. Thankfully, we can control this factor to an extent with some lifestyle changes. Do you drink and smoke excessively? Cut down on the alcohol, and strive to eliminate smoking altogether. Are you overweight or have high blood pressure? Develop a regular routine of diet and exercise. Visit your doctor regularly. These can cut down on potential life insurance costs.


    Sorry, men; women tend to live longer. It’s a proven fact that life insurance companies are aware of. Hence, rates are often lower for females.


    Some jobs are more dangerous than others. If you work in an office, for example, chances are your risk of death on the job is fairly low. The risk increases exponentially if you’re a fire fighter or police officer, jobs where occupants are risking their lives on a regular basis.


    As with homeowner’s insurance, living in an area prone to natural disasters and the like can increase your risk of death, and thus, the price of coverage. Insurance companies consider various other factors as well, including local crime levels and the general health of those living in the area.

The price of life insurance can vary dramatically from person to person. In any event, please be assured that at Adkins Insurance strive to provide practical and fair coverage for you. If you’d like us to help you discover what plan best suits your life, call us at (417) 883-4343 and set up an appointment today.

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