Am I Covered: Ice Damming

Temperatures rise and ice on your roof melts.

Temperatures fall and that water freezes again.

The result is known as ice damming. Melting water rushes toward your gutters during the day and expands while it freezes underneath your shingles at night. As ice builds up, it forms a dam that blocks water from flowing off your roof. Instead, it flows under your shingles into your home wreaking all kinds of havoc. So, are you covered?

Short Answer:

No, unfortunately ice damming is not covered under most home insurance policies. It is considered to be a maintenance issue that could have been prevented, not sudden or accidental damage.


What Can You Do:


  1. One of the best ways to prevent ice damming is to clean out your gutters all year round. Doing so provides a clear path for any melting ice to get off your roof before freezing again.
  2. If you missed your opportunity to clean out your gutters, try removing as much snow from your roof while on the ground with a roof rake or push broom, leaving just enough to not damage your roofing materials.
  3. Some ice dams are formed from the heat inside your home, specifically your attic. Ensuring the ceiling between your home and attic is completely sealed is a great place to start. Lastly, it may be necessary to add insulation between your attic ceiling and roof to lessen the chance of heat escaping your home.


Preparation is key to preventing ice dams this winter. Get answers to any questions you may have regarding your coverage by making an appointment with Adkins Insurance at 417-883-4343 today.

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