Content Insurance

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Compared to the price of your home, you may not even flinch at the smaller items within its walls. Electronics, furniture, and collectibles may have a smaller price tag, but add them all together and you have quite the inventory [...]

Homeowners Insurance 101

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From first glance, insurance is a confusing concept. Each policy holds its own set of rules and coverage language. Different agencies define terms differently, including structures, something you should definitely be aware of. Keep reading to discover what your insurance [...]

Why Farmers?

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• Born in the south, my passion for hospitality and hard work followed me to California where I met Mark in 1984. Since I began working in our agency 22 years ago, I’ve seen what it takes for a family [...]

Adkins – Does My Homeowners Insurance Cover Me For Personal Liability And Slander?

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Homeowners insurance provides peace of mind in the face of the unforeseeable. From Natural disasters to someone getting injured on your property can happen and it’s important to know you’ll be protected. However, policies do have limitations and you should [...]