Adkins Insurance – Am I Covered For Mold And Fungi In My Home?

Adkins Insurance – Am I Covered For Mold And Fungi In My Home?
The presence of mold and fungi in your home raises many questions and concerns. If you find
mold in your home, you’ll probably first think about the health of your friends and family. While
mold spores can be toxic, cases this severe are rare. The impact mold and fungi have on your
home will likely have you wondering, am I covered?


Coverage Is Limited


Unfortunately, if your homeowners insurance policy covers mold and fungi, it will typically be
very limited. Homeowners insurance typically covers natural disasters, fire, theft, and liability in
case someone is injured on your property. Homeowners policies are designed to protect you in
case of the unforeseeable, and mold and fungi aren’t always considered unforeseeable.


Sudden And Accidental


When we say your coverage will likely be limited, we mean it will be limited to sudden and
accidental situations and for a minimal amount of coverage. For example, a sudden and
accidental situation may be a pipe bursting, theft on the premises or fire.
Seeing as mold is caused by leaking water or trapped vapor in a poorly ventilated area, most
mold and fungi issues are slow to develop and therefore relatively foreseeable. If your home is
having repeat leaks or condensation issues, maybe due to a leaking shower or dishwasher, your
mold and fungi problem likely won’t be covered.


Black Mold?


When looking at mold or fungi property damage, it’s important to consider the specific type of
mold and what that means for you. For example, black mold is typically considered a pollutant
and is therefore excluded from typical homeowners insurance policies, despite it being a
relatively common issue. Each situation is different, so it’s important to take the type of mold
into account.


Steps To Take


First things first, it’s important to solve any minor leaks or condensation issues as soon as you
discover them. If you can’t solve the problem on your own, hire help to handle it before it
becomes a major issue. Second, it’s a smart move to review your homeowners insurance policy
and have any questions you may have answered before you actually need your insurance.

Mold and fungi are relatively common issues for homeowners, but this doesn’t make it any less
scary. Whether it be your health or your home, mold and fungi can cause damage in several areas
of your life. If you have any specific questions on whether or not you are covered, make an
appointment with Adkins Insurance at 417-883-4343 today

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