3 Things You Need To Know About Auto Insurance In 2018

Auto insurance is an industry that most people don’t monitor closely. It is always changing and each year brings new products and ways to save money. The Adkins team has gathered a few things that we think you should be aware of as you think about auto insurance in 2018.



  • Don’t Waste Premium Dollars



It’s not unheard of for insurance companies to try adding unnecessary items to your policy to raise your premium. One secret to avoiding this is talking with an agent instead of a salesperson. Agents will let you know exactly what you need, when you need it.


For example, based on the value of your vehicle, your agent may recommend you drop collision insurance. Collision insurance covers the cost of repairs to your vehicle should you cause an accident. If your agent sees you are paying more on insurance each month than your vehicle is worth, they will try to find ways to save you that money instead.



  • Bundling Is Important



Now more than ever, in the age of fast-shopping and internet insurance agencies, loyalty to one insurance agency is rare. So rare, in fact, that some agencies are willing to shave a 10% to 20% discount from your policy if you bundle several policies with them. You simply can’t afford not to bundle.

Bundling your insurance is as simple as securing both auto and home insurance, or perhaps life and auto insurance, with the same agency. Another benefit to bundling is the simplicity. Insurance is complicated, but bundling allows you to work with one agent, resulting in one, often significantly smaller, bill.



  • Companies Continue To Restrict Their Policy Coverage



Communication is key when it comes to securing the best possible auto insurance policy. Companies are slowly, but surely lessening what they cover, all while charging you the same premium. This can be prevented by simply asking your insurance agent specifically what you are or are not covered for.


Whether it’s buying only the coverage you need, seeking discounts through bundling, or analyzing policy coverage limits, there are many ways to save money on your auto insurance policy this year. Call Adkins Insurance Agency now at (417) 883-4343 and we will be happy to help you find the perfect plan.

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