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Flooding…am I covered? May 2, 2014

Flooding…am I covered?  Written by: Mark E Adkins CIC LUTCF Flooding…am I covered? Well if you don’t know for sure the answer is Probably not. I hear it all the time, “But I can’t get Flood Insurance because I am not in a Flood Zone”.  The real answer is everyone is in a flood zone!... Read more »

Auto Insurance 101 April 22, 2014

Auto Insurance 101. Written  by Mark E Adkins CIC LUTCF April 22, 2014 Why do we have Auto Insurance? Why do we even need it? And if there is a Law that says you have to have it then why do I also have to buy Uninsured Motorist? These are the most common questions I... Read more »

Looked at your Property Insurance Lately? April 9, 2014

Looked at your Property Insurance Lately? Just saw the rate fillings for MO and the marketplace is doing just what we anticipated! Tighter underwriting and substantial rate increases for the majority of carriers that have held off hoping for better results. I am glad my carriers saw it coming and already worked through the cycle.... Read more »