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Life Insurance 101 August 5, 2014

Life Insurance? Do I need Life Insurance? Well you probably don’t need it but the ones you love the most need you to have it. I don’t think any of us truly enjoy having this conversation or actually going through the motions of buying Life Insurance but it is vitally important that we all take... Read more »

Flooding…am I covered? May 2, 2014

Flooding…am I covered?  Written by: Mark E Adkins CIC LUTCF Flooding…am I covered? Well if you don’t know for sure the answer is Probably not. I hear it all the time, “But I can’t get Flood Insurance because I am not in a Flood Zone”.  The real answer is everyone is in a flood zone!... Read more »

Auto Insurance 101 April 22, 2014

Auto Insurance 101. Written  by Mark E Adkins CIC LUTCF April 22, 2014 Why do we have Auto Insurance? Why do we even need it? And if there is a Law that says you have to have it then why do I also have to buy Uninsured Motorist? These are the most common questions I... Read more »