Insurance isn’t fun. That doesn’t mean your agent can’t be.

How do you choose?

You’re on the cereal aisle, staring at two boxes of your favorite morning crunch. One is $3 and comes in a nine ounce box about the size of a book. The other is $3.50 and comes in a fifteen ounce family-sized box so large that your cat could call it a home. Which do you choose?

shopping for insuranceMost insurance agents will make a quick move to sell you the “cheapest” small box of insurance they’ve got, never bothering to offer you a lot more substance for the few extra dollars. Maybe the small box is all that you need. But don’t you want to be the one making that decision?

At Adkins Insurance, we believe you should choose your insurance just like you can choose your cereal. That means we do the extra work to prepare you options in the coverage limits you choose instead of peddling you the cookie-cutter solution without asking the important questions.

Things to know